one factory

One Currency

One Community

Building the Future

The Community supports the Construction, the Construction supports the Currency, and the Currency supports the Community.

Rhizo: A metacurrency fueling the future of Real Estate Development based on revolutionary building technology. 

After 16 years of work to design our Factory, our Tool, we tried to find conventional funding to build THE FIRST FACTORY. But since when has the world of finance and power wanted any change for Humanity or for the World we live in.

The only way to make it happen, is by being together

So, we’ve decided to come out of our lab and create awareness about a Real Solution. One that take in consideration Human, Earth and the Global Economy. Here it is, told with the words we know. 

One People – One Coin – One Tool


The Factories that will change the world of real-estate design to implement real sustainable science directly in the construction.


The network that will connect all the factories and real-estate together, Based on the Holochain technology.

Rhizo Coin

The Metacurrency backed by the real-estate built by the factories.

A Revolutionary Manufacturing Process Starting with 3 Materials

Those 3 materials are critical to start our project. They can be found and created everywhere in the world with local sources and a minimum shipping. But they are just a beginning, the goal is yo have a factory in every city in the world and new local sources will be created. 

1)  Recycling the Steel of Shipping Containers


Containers are becoming obsolete and their steel is difficult to recycle. But it is abundant and we can find it literally Everywhere.



Ultra-High Performance Cellulose Concrete (Papercrete)

 66% recycle paper.

Thermal, sound, fire insulation with an insect-repelling formula.

80% cheaper than insulation building without the need of drywall.


Ultra-High Performance Nano Concrete

4x as strong as regular concrete, fire-proof, waterproof, but also bullet and bomb proof.

All of the non-structural architectural design elements (bathtubs, sinks, tiles, doors, countertops, roofs, wall panels, etc.) are made with our Ultra High-Performance Nano-Concrete (UHPNC). All of these elements are custom and designed with minimum waste, using local material.

Rhizo: The Next Currency

RhIZO (RZO) Metacurrency will provide people with a non-speculative way to invest their money while also gaining the benefits of a stable Metacurrency. RhIZO will be, for the first time, a Metacurrency that is strengthened by a real-estate production economy. RhIZO will derive its value from the real-estate assets built by each GloGreen Global Factory.

Funding for Factories

RhIZO Metacurrencies reinvested to build sustainable smart cities.

Proof of Real-Estate

Built on the Holochain protocol, RhIZO coins are only “minted” when real estate projects are developed.


Reduction in construction time


Reduction in construction costs

Sustainable Development funded by RhIZO Metacurrency

Factories are within the communities they serve, to minimize waste, travel and shipping.

Community Based Factories

The housing crisis is a deep and complex problem, in our country and around the world. We need a new technology and economic model that takes into consideration the Human, the Earth and the Global Economy as the determining criteria for all construction.

Our new vertically integrated business model and state-of-the-art technological factory will completely change the world of construction and real estate.

How It Works

How all three factors come together to form


RhIZOMA is the network that connects all factories around the world. Allowing the exchange of data and knowledge in real time. Therefore, each community in the world participates and has access to the pool of knowledge of all without competition.


RhIZO will be, for the first time, a Metacurrency that is strengthened by a real-estate production economy. RhIZO will derive its value from the real-estate assets built by each GloGreen Global Factory and will be backed totally by the proceeds of GloGreen.


Real estate developers, there’s finally a technological approach that will disrupt and radically alter the construction industry. GloGreen Global brings to market a holistic, human-centered solution that has torn down and rebuilt the business of construction from the ground up.

Humans Investing in Humanity


At the core of RhIZO is our faith in the future of humanity.

We want to build a new economy interconnecting the force of blockchain cryptocurrency and our new High-Tech net-zero real-estate production.

After years researching, developing, and testing our concepts, we have developed the next generation of real-estate construction that puts forward what we named the HEFT factors: Humanity, Earth and Future through Technology.


The best way to exchange all human knowledge is through a global network that is instantly accessible to everyone. We have a technology that creates a fair economy for every living being: the Holochain.


No matter what is the natural habitat of humans… we can create it with Zero negative impact for Earth and Every other living organism.


At the core of this Project is a new type of manufacturer; a Biofactory in every city of the world designed to impose the respect of Humanity, Earth and the global economy.


The (R)Evolution cannot happen without the help of controlled science and technology to manage our systemic inefficiency.


We have redesigned the world of construction and real-estate development to be the platform of implementation of all sciences and technology that allows us to be organic.

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